Julia Fang was born Southern California. Fang has pursued art ever since she first started doodling colors onto the white walls of her house at the age of three, not that her parents were too thrilled with her expression of interest then. Since then, she’s taken multiple art classes at school, outside of school and competed in a few art contests. Growing up in the city of Walnut, she lacked the experience of traveling, so currently she’s also pursuing an adventurous life full of experiences and brilliant color. Her influences are Van Gogh with his bold colors and prominent paint strokes and the colorful as well as very detail oriented world of Disney. With her hoped adventures and influences, Fang wants to be able to create her own exhibition displaying her work, create paintings fit to make a home warm and welcoming, and working up to creating her own business selling her paintings, creating greeting cards, t-shirts, prints and many more expressions of art. All while wishing everyone a smile on their face. Each day is another step to the rest of her life’s adventures and expression of her art.

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